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Parent Letter

Every year that I am a head coach, I try to have a parent meeting within the first week of practice.  At this meeting I hand out a very long parent letter that I know very few parents will actually read.  So I read it to them.  I have found it is much easier for me to start off as a hard-ass on day 1 and perhaps soften up later in the year when needed than to start off as the ‘nice guy’ and try to instill urgency and discipline later in the year when things are out of control.  So I take the time to read the entire letter and answer any questions right up front.  Many years I have been the Football Commissioner for my park but when I am just a coach, I get the permission of the Park Director that if any of my parents want their money back we will refund them immediately.  It really never happens but I let them know if they are not 100% on board with what we are trying to do as a team that we will happily allow them to take their child elsewhere. Continue reading Parent Letter

33 Stack vs Double Wing

This is how we attack the Double Wing or Single Wing or any offense that pulls backside linemen and makes a living on the Off Tackle Running Game.

I make no ‘magic bullet’ claims about the 33 being able to shut down the Double Wing.  However, I have been able to use this defense twice against overwhelming talent differences where our highly talented adversaries were running the Double Wing. Continue reading 33 Stack vs Double Wing

Power Hour

Power Hour ends up being a little bit of a misnomer.  We usually only do this drill for about 30 minutes unless we are feeling particularly sadistic that day.

Power Hour Icon

We do want to try and do this drill once a week until at least the middle of the season.  But we don’t want to use this drill until our TOSS play starts looking pretty good.  That should be around week 2 or 3.  Just be sure to use it before Game 1, a couple times if you can. Continue reading Power Hour

Birddog / Greyhound Drill

In my never-ending pursuit of ways to coach more efficiently, I ran across this drill at a USA Football Clinic in 2007.  Jerry Horowitz was speaking about practice organization and one of his drills that really struck me was something he called the ‘Rabbit Drill’.  Now we had practiced pursuit angles before but never in a high-repetition, fast-paced manner like Coach Horowitz was explaining.  His explanation got me to thinking about how we could use this drill to not only work on taking proper pursuit angles, but also how we could incorporate conditioning into the same drill to kill two birds (rabbits) with one stone.  The result of all this is what we call our Birddog / Greyhound Drill.  We try to do this drill at least once a week near the end of practice as a ‘combo’ drill.  It is a combination of bird-dogging our defensive steps with pursuit angle work and conditioning. Continue reading Birddog / Greyhound Drill