Coaching My Son

When my son, Caleb, was very little I wanted to give him a gift. I wanted to make sure he had his own niche when he entered high school. As a long time teacher and coach I had seen so many wasted lives where kids just drifted in and out, never having much of a purpose or passion. I wanted my son to have a reason to excel, a reason to do well in school. I wanted him to taste success and hunger for more. So I gave him wrestling.

pix Dad to son(iron man)

I taught at the high school and was coaching football, when my son was in 4th grade. I had given up trying to coach both wrestling and football because I had three young kids (two girls and one boy) at home. So after letting Caleb try many different things and being a lawn chair prisoner watching endless hours of soccer, baseball, basketball and roller hockey, I finally was set free to participate in something I loved while being with my boy. I began volunteering as an assistant for the Jr. Wrestling Club that practiced at my high school. It was the start of a long and wonder filled journey. Continue reading “Coaching My Son”