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Mat Drills

Off-season Workouts.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em we all know that they create better athletes for our programs.  Off-season programs promote camaraderie, build better athletes and give us the opportunity to learn about our players away from our sport.  There are literally thousands of things you can do during the off-season to help your team get better.  This article is about Mat Drills.  Many coaches for outdoor sports forget that you can get a lot of great work done indoors.  Sometimes it is a necessity due to bad weather but you can also use indoor drill time as a break from the ‘same old same old’. Continue reading Mat Drills

Evaluation Drills

A player or parent should never be able to accuse you of not letting everyone try out for every position.  We ensure this by running our entire team through a day or two days of evaluations no matter if we have to draft players or not.  We try to offer encouragement for inexperienced players because some of the evaluation stations will prove to be difficult, but there will be a particular drill during our evaluations that they will excel at and the player will know this as well.  We try not to do too much coaching as the drills are designed to measure raw talent and skills. Continue reading Evaluation Drills