Plan your season before planning your practice.

To steal a phrase from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits book: Begin with the end in mind. I have been doing this with my team for many years but I never really had a title for it.

Envision your team at mid-season. Think this through thoroughly. What plays you want to be running at that point and the players’ thorough knowledge of it. What defense do you think you’ll be running? The mental and physical toughness you want your team to have. The hustle you expect at that point. The conditioning level you want to be at. Now with that mental picture in mind, start writing.


Standard 2 Hour Practice Plan

OK, so I get a lot of questions about how we practice.  First I try to find a volunteer or an Asst Coach to keep time on a stop watch or countdown timer of some sort.  Warning us when we have 2 minutes left in each period and then telling us when we have to switch (moms are great for this one).  Second, we have to find a volunteer to set up drills ahead of our schedule or set them all up at the beginning of practice.  We NEVER want kids standing around waiting for us to finish setting up a station.  It is very important for us to establish an uptempo practice rhythm or routine so that our kids are always moving and they know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.  This routine keeps us on a very quick pace for practice every day.  But we also have the flexibility built in so that we can do some ‘unexpected’ things to keep the boys interested as well as work a little extra on something we are doing poorly. Continue reading “Standard 2 Hour Practice Plan”