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Play Calling 101

Before I explain the how and why of what we do, I should remind everyone that we run a ‘series based offense’ where the plays in our playbook all work together and most of them look the same for the first few steps of each play … I prefer a ‘series based offense’ because my mind works that way … but at least the first two of the following concepts will work for any type of offense and I happen to believe the third one will work as well … Continue reading Play Calling 101

Play Calling From The Sideline

It is so very tough to see everything from the sideline … especially when you run a compressed double tight end formation (like our Simple DW) and all 22 players are lined up within a few feet of each other on the far hash … lol

I have found over the years that I need someone, anyone (mom, dad, older brother or sister) to watch specific areas of the defense for me and report back when they see exactly what I described to them … Continue reading Play Calling From The Sideline