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Winning Is Not Why I Coach (or Played)

It was 1994 and I enrolled at UMass Boston.  Pride had me turn down a scholarship to D2 American International as I felt I was D1 material (oh the teenage mind).  I had not played football since my senior year in high school (1989).  We started the season with 9 players.  We went on a recruiting mission to just field a team.  I believe we made it up to 19 players.  Coaches had to step in during practice when we scrimmaged.  My best friend on the Mike Kennedy and I loved practice.  We had this little pre-practice drill where we would race to a cone, square up and slam helmet to helmet to try and light each other up.  I still remember the vivid, multi-colored stars that resulted from these impacts.  We were so stupid, but it was fun.  I have had one neck surgery and am looking at another two. Continue reading Winning Is Not Why I Coach (or Played)