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Mandatory Play Player Nightmare?

Hey Coaches, got problems with Mandatory Play Players/Minimum Play Players or whatever your league calls them?  Hopefully I can give you a little help.

First, here is a little bit about how my league does things.  We are a Pop Warner League; Pop Warner designates the amount of Mandatory Plays that must be given before the 4th quarter of each game.  It depends on the amount of players you have on a team.  Pop Warner designates (at my level) 16-25 players must get 10 plays each, 26-30 players must get 8 plays each and 31-35 players must get 6 plays each.  A “play” must be an active play from the line of scrimmage.  Penalties do not count unless the penalty is declined, extra points and kickoffs don’t count either and neither does spiking the ball or taking a knee. Continue reading Mandatory Play Player Nightmare?