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8-Man Single Wing

This article was originally published on Direct Snap Football.

I would like to thank Adam for asking me to write this article for Direct Snap. Adam asked me to write about the switch to 8-man football and our 8-man single wing offense. We run the spin series almost entirely with some direct snap and buck lateral series as well. My first exposure to the single wing offense was during a football theory class at the University of Northern Iowa. Coach John Aldrich was our guest speaker and I’ll never forget going home after class and drawing up the plays to the disbelief of my roommates. Shortly after graduating from college I accepted a coaching and teaching job in Sigourney, Iowa where I spent 4 years as an assistant with Bob Howard at Sigourney-Keota, Iowa. After 4 years I moved to northern Iowa and accepted my first football head coaching job. I was taking over a program that had not won a game in 3 years (during my 4 years at Sigourney-Keota coach Howard had led the Savage Cobras to a 44-5 record and 1 state championship) with a group of seniors that had NEVER won a football game at any level of organized football dating back to 7th grade. Continue reading 8-Man Single Wing

Mat Drills

Off-season Workouts.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em we all know that they create better athletes for our programs.  Off-season programs promote camaraderie, build better athletes and give us the opportunity to learn about our players away from our sport.  There are literally thousands of things you can do during the off-season to help your team get better.  This article is about Mat Drills.  Many coaches for outdoor sports forget that you can get a lot of great work done indoors.  Sometimes it is a necessity due to bad weather but you can also use indoor drill time as a break from the ‘same old same old’. Continue reading Mat Drills

Winning Is Not Why I Coach (or Played)

It was 1994 and I enrolled at UMass Boston.  Pride had me turn down a scholarship to D2 American International as I felt I was D1 material (oh the teenage mind).  I had not played football since my senior year in high school (1989).  We started the season with 9 players.  We went on a recruiting mission to just field a team.  I believe we made it up to 19 players.  Coaches had to step in during practice when we scrimmaged.  My best friend on the Mike Kennedy and I loved practice.  We had this little pre-practice drill where we would race to a cone, square up and slam helmet to helmet to try and light each other up.  I still remember the vivid, multi-colored stars that resulted from these impacts.  We were so stupid, but it was fun.  I have had one neck surgery and am looking at another two. Continue reading Winning Is Not Why I Coach (or Played)