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How to Videotape Football Games or Scrimmages

I have had a copy of this article for a long time but totally forgot to post it on the old site and now I can’t even remember who gave it to me.  But watching a lot of film for different coaches this year made me remember it … so I found it and dusted it off and figured I would post it here tonight.

Coaches and team managers have often come across the problem where the person who normally films the game can’t do it.  Too often an injured player, parent, or even a coach is asked to do it at the last minute.  Whatever the case coaches can be frustrated with the quality of the film they are getting because the person behind the camera does not really know the coach’s need.  Coaches, this is another area we need to coach up.  The following is a handout to give your cameraperson to quickly educate them and for them to use as a checklist so you don’t lose valuable pre-game time.  It is highly recommended that you have them tape a scrimmage and then go over with it at some time together.

How to Videotape Football                 Games or Practice Scrimmages

First off.  Thank you for you help in taking on this chore.  It is not an extremely difficult one but there are some specific requirements we need you to be aware of.

The coaches have specific needs for game and practice footage.  We are not looking for NFL films highlights.  We are looking for video we can use to evaluate the entire teams performance. Continue reading How to Videotape Football Games or Scrimmages