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Centipede’s Dilemma

I had a conversation with a good coaching friend of mine named John Koester that revolved around different techniques and footwork that we teach our players.  Now we each already know pretty much everything the other teaches so this conversation revolved around why we teach what we do.  Some of the things that we said were:

“I am not very good at teaching kids techniques that require more than a three-step progression. So by eliminating the punch step the QB can just: 1. Receive the snap, 2.Spin and 3.Toss.”

“I think that is why LEG also works better for me than the  BEEF blocking progression that many coaches use.  Teaching and repping 3 steps instead of 4.”

The main theme of the conversation was ‘KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID’.  But John also reminded me of a great (old) nursery rhyme that makes us both think of how some kids react to coaches who ‘overcoach’ a technique or try to control every step a player takes during a play … that rhyme is called the Centipede’s Dilemma.

A centipede was happy quite,
Until a frog in fun
Said, “Pray, which leg comes after which?”
This raised her mind to such a pitch,
She lay distracted in the ditch
Considering how to run.

Choosing A Defense

It’s a lot like picking an offense! Defense is a reactionary game with out a doubt, but there are a lot of options to consider when deciding who you want to be as a defense. Gone are the days of being good pursuers and tacklers, then being able to line up in anything you want. It is true that I believe those are the foundations of good defense but having a coordinated effort on defense is essential to building a winning program. While a lot of this might seem simple, as you read this article I’d like you to take some time to consider if you are coordinating a defense and have a plan to hide or cover your weaknesses, because you do have weaknesses. Let me talk about some of the principles of a coordinated defense. Continue reading Choosing A Defense

Should Rookie Coaches Buy Materials?

Should we (rookie coaches) buy material on football coaching?

Yes. Yes and yes.

You can get free stuff from the Internet, free playbooks (I found some very good ones), you can find amazing advice for free in forums just like this one, you can find very good advice in blogs from coaches that have winning programs, I did. Continue reading Should Rookie Coaches Buy Materials?

Parent Letter

Every year that I am a head coach, I try to have a parent meeting within the first week of practice.  At this meeting I hand out a very long parent letter that I know very few parents will actually read.  So I read it to them.  I have found it is much easier for me to start off as a hard-ass on day 1 and perhaps soften up later in the year when needed than to start off as the ‘nice guy’ and try to instill urgency and discipline later in the year when things are out of control.  So I take the time to read the entire letter and answer any questions right up front.  Many years I have been the Football Commissioner for my park but when I am just a coach, I get the permission of the Park Director that if any of my parents want their money back we will refund them immediately.  It really never happens but I let them know if they are not 100% on board with what we are trying to do as a team that we will happily allow them to take their child elsewhere. Continue reading Parent Letter

33 Stack vs Double Wing

This is how we attack the Double Wing or Single Wing or any offense that pulls backside linemen and makes a living on the Off Tackle Running Game.

I make no ‘magic bullet’ claims about the 33 being able to shut down the Double Wing.  However, I have been able to use this defense twice against overwhelming talent differences where our highly talented adversaries were running the Double Wing. Continue reading 33 Stack vs Double Wing