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A ‘Ballsy’ Fake Punt

This article was originally posted on Direct Snap Football.

The football season of 2006 was a very interesting one for me. It was my first season back coaching high school football after spending the previous 6 coaching at a junior college. It would also mark the first time in 2 years that I would not be running the single wing. I was hired as the Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator and we would be running the mid-line/triple option.

As we began to prepare for the season the task of running special teams came around. We split up the responsibilities amongst the staff and I wound up with the punt and kick off return teams. Having previously been a special teams coordinator, I was excited to put in schemes I had successfully used before. While putting in the punt team we also put in our fakes. Our head coach showed me a punt fake that he had learned while at another school and I fell in love with it right away! We called it “BALLSY”! It had all the makings of a great single wing play. Continue reading A ‘Ballsy’ Fake Punt