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Parent Letter

Every year that I am a head coach, I try to have a parent meeting within the first week of practice.  At this meeting I hand out a very long parent letter that I know very few parents will actually read.  So I read it to them.  I have found it is much easier for me to start off as a hard-ass on day 1 and perhaps soften up later in the year when needed than to start off as the ‘nice guy’ and try to instill urgency and discipline later in the year when things are out of control.  So I take the time to read the entire letter and answer any questions right up front.  Many years I have been the Football Commissioner for my park but when I am just a coach, I get the permission of the Park Director that if any of my parents want their money back we will refund them immediately.  It really never happens but I let them know if they are not 100% on board with what we are trying to do as a team that we will happily allow them to take their child elsewhere. Continue reading Parent Letter