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Developing A Coaching Strategy

Coach your own personality

Don’t try to mimic your favorite coach. It will only set you up for failure. You can use parts of what he does or drills he uses but you can’t copy him 100%. You’ll be a phony and the kids will sense that. They can see right through a phony. You can emulate parts of him that fit your personality. I once coached under a very good head coach and when I became a head coach, I asked myself “What is it about him that makes him such a good coach?” I decided that his passion for the game and his level of practice intensity is what made him special. I was able to incorporate that into what I do because it also fits me. No, I don’t run the same offense or defense he ran but I coach my kids with the same level of passion and attention to detail that he did. Continue reading Developing A Coaching Strategy

Should Rookie Coaches Buy Materials?

Should we (rookie coaches) buy material on football coaching?

Yes. Yes and yes.

You can get free stuff from the Internet, free playbooks (I found some very good ones), you can find amazing advice for free in forums just like this one, you can find very good advice in blogs from coaches that have winning programs, I did. Continue reading Should Rookie Coaches Buy Materials?