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Choosing A Defense

It’s a lot like picking an offense! Defense is a reactionary game with out a doubt, but there are a lot of options to consider when deciding who you want to be as a defense. Gone are the days of being good pursuers and tacklers, then being able to line up in anything you want. It is true that I believe those are the foundations of good defense but having a coordinated effort on defense is essential to building a winning program. While a lot of this might seem simple, as you read this article I’d like you to take some time to consider if you are coordinating a defense and have a plan to hide or cover your weaknesses, because you do have weaknesses. Let me talk about some of the principles of a coordinated defense. Continue reading Choosing A Defense

Should Rookie Coaches Buy Materials?

Should we (rookie coaches) buy material on football coaching?

Yes. Yes and yes.

You can get free stuff from the Internet, free playbooks (I found some very good ones), you can find amazing advice for free in forums just like this one, you can find very good advice in blogs from coaches that have winning programs, I did. Continue reading Should Rookie Coaches Buy Materials?