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While I usually am content to get into our base alignment and run TOSS until we bludgeon the defense into submission, I do realize that there will be days that we are not as effective as usual.

Sometimes it will be based on our kids not performing well or missing the game altogether due to illness or family emergencies.  Other times the defense will simply have better players or a better coach and they will cause us problems that way. And to further complicate things, each season we will be dealing with a different group of kids that have different skill sets.  All of these factors contribute to our realization that sometimes we need the ability to change our formation or the mechanics of a specific play in order to continue moving the football offensively. Continue reading TAGs

In Game Adjustments

In regards to play adjustments, the answer is a little different … if you are lucky enough to have a position coach for different positions on your offense or defense, then it is their job to recognize problems and resolve them during the game … unfortunately it will usually cost you a score on defense and probably a possession on offense … because it is very difficult to see what is wrong until is it GLARING AT US …

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