Best Tackling Video Ever

For many years I have tried and failed to write a Tackling Manual like my O-line Manual … for those of you who know me well, you know I am pretty OCD when I write playbooks … if everything isnt exactly right I will scrap the whole thing …
Well, I have started and scrapped my Target Tackling Manual many times … eventually deciding to avoid it altogether … guys who have asked my opinion or my technique on teaching our kids how to tackle have heard me talk about teaching them a ‘target’ (from now on known as the ‘strike zone’) … we talk about hitting through the thighs … hitting with our shoulders and keeping our head to one side or the other …

Now I am in no way taking any credit for what you are about to see … Pete Carroll is an amazing football coach and I must admit there are a few differences and a bunch of drills I never thought of that I will now be incorporating … but I gotta say THIS IS WHAT WE DO and YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT FOR YOUR OWN TEAMS !!!

2014 DWCS Open Demo

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Fisher’s Speed Camp

Several years ago as a youth coach I was coaching a team of 9-10 year old kids in a park that was known to have bad football teams. We were considerably less athletic then some of the teams we were playing against and were losing on a regular basis. During the off-season I decided to start looking for ways to improve my teams talent level. Short of running off the bad players and recruiting good ones, I was going to have to find a way to turn my players into better athletes. I felt I could accomplish this because they were young and it was a personal feeling that kids this age were adaptable and a lot of the times products of their environment anyway. Continue reading “Fisher’s Speed Camp”