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Fake Fumble Wedge Play

For many Double Wing or Single Wing Coaches, one of the staples of their offense is the Mighty Wedge Play.  While it seems to be more popular at the youth level than in High School, I feel safe in saying that it belongs in the playbook of any offense that utilizes zero to six inch splits along their offensive line.  I know we used it to great effect when I was coaching at the HS level a few years ago and it has always been a big part of our offense when I coach youth teams.

Like many other plays, Wedge can be run many different ways. Some of the more common I have seen over the years are:

  • On 1st Sound
  • With XX action
  • With Rocket Sweep action 

Another version of this great play that I have used a few times over the years is the Fake Fumble Wedge.  The basic idea is to have the QB or another RB fake like they fumbled the ball to draw attention from the defense while the actual ball carrier and the offensive linemen are rumbling down the field. Continue reading Fake Fumble Wedge Play

Bruce Eien – Fat Single Wing & Stupid Sweep Video Playbook

Here are a few videos showing Coach Bruce Eien’s FAT Single Wing Offense and the infamous Stupid Sweep.  The first video is a compilation from 2006-2009 I believe.  The second video is from 2010.  And the third video is the Stupid Sweep.  Anyone care to add a little ‘FAT’ to their offense?  Great Stuff !!!

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Don Markham – Godfather of the DW

Found a couple of videos about Don Markham, creator of the Double Wing Offense (not to be confused with formations that have 2 wings).  Thought I would share them with everyone.  The first is an interview and the second is a video about the 1994 season at Bloomington HS when they set the national scoring record of 880 points.  Hope you enjoy them. 

Bruce Eien – I Back Toss Video Playbook

Bruce Eien is probably more well known in the Single Wing circles but he ran a really nice I-formation / Double Wing out on the west coast … here is the video playbook he created for his I-Back Toss Series.  The second video is the passing game and the third video is about his infamous Left Guard Special.

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Plymouth Triple Spin Series

This article was originally published on Direct Snap Football.

I began to research and develop an unbalanced single wing offense over 10 years ago. I sought out all the masters – Keuffel, Caldwell, Warner, Crisler, but it was John Aldrich who influenced my offense the most. After a conversation and reading his book, I was hooked. I design much of my spin, power and buck lateral after his teams. However at the same time, I found a series most referred to as the Tulsa box. This was a deviation from Aldrich but I had to have it in my arsenal.

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