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Strike Zone Tackling

For years I have used the name Target Tackling to describe what we teach our players, but after watching Pete Carroll’s Tackling Video, I am changing the name to Strike Zone Tackling out of sheer respect for his system and the great video he created.  I wish I could say we have been using all the same drills and teaching our kids exactly the same terminology and techniques, but I would be wrong.  However, I can tell you that what we are doing on the practice field and what we are looking for on game day is very, very close.  And we will certainly be stealing many of the drills in his video for our future players. Continue reading Strike Zone Tackling

Best Tackling Video Ever

For many years I have tried and failed to write a Tackling Manual like my O-line Manual … for those of you who know me well, you know I am pretty OCD when I write playbooks … if everything isnt exactly right I will scrap the whole thing …
Well, I have started and scrapped my Target Tackling Manual many times … eventually deciding to avoid it altogether … guys who have asked my opinion or my technique on teaching our kids how to tackle have heard me talk about teaching them a ‘target’ (from now on known as the ‘strike zone’) … we talk about hitting through the thighs … hitting with our shoulders and keeping our head to one side or the other …

Now I am in no way taking any credit for what you are about to see … Pete Carroll is an amazing football coach and I must admit there are a few differences and a bunch of drills I never thought of that I will now be incorporating … but I gotta say THIS IS WHAT WE DO and YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT FOR YOUR OWN TEAMS !!!