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Mat Drills

Off-season Workouts.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em we all know that they create better athletes for our programs.  Off-season programs promote camaraderie, build better athletes and give us the opportunity to learn about our players away from our sport.  There are literally thousands of things you can do during the off-season to help your team get better.  This article is about Mat Drills.  Many coaches for outdoor sports forget that you can get a lot of great work done indoors.  Sometimes it is a necessity due to bad weather but you can also use indoor drill time as a break from the ‘same old same old’. Continue reading Mat Drills

Fence Drill For Off Tackle Power Plays

It really doesn’t matter what offense you run, one of the plays you probably have in your arsenal is the Off Tackle Power Play.  And one of the problems you have running it is that the ball carrier and/or lead blockers want to get too wide or bounce outside because the hole ‘looks’ too congested.  Now most years I will just stand in the backfield during our repetitions with a blocking shield and knock the runner down if he tries to go wider than we want.  But the truth is we do a few other things to get our pulling linemen to stay inside as well as to get the playside linemen to understand how much of a push we need to get when we run Power. Continue reading Fence Drill For Off Tackle Power Plays

Coaching Staff Responsibilities

The following is a copy and paste from a post by Jack Gregory over at the DumCoach Coaching Forum (Double Wing Section).  This is a great breakdown of what each coach should be doing, not just during individual or skills drills but also during team drills. Continue reading Coaching Staff Responsibilities

Stalk Blocking

Stalk blocking against press coverage its an easy teach … get your butt to the football and maul the defender.  Since press coverage is rare in our league stalk blocking is a tough teach.  I have tried everything and this seems to work the best.  STALK-BLOCK

Mirror drills till they puke. You can set it up many ways. Two cones 5 yards apart. The receiver lines up in-between the cones and the defender faces him 5 yards away. The receiver has to keep his hands behind his back. The defender tries to get beyond the receiver without letting the receiver touch him. Its not a high speed drill… it’s a dance drill kinda like tag your it. They are not just plowing into one another, the defender is avoiding the receiver but still has to move forward through the cones. Continue reading Stalk Blocking

Strike Zone Tackling

For years I have used the name Target Tackling to describe what we teach our players, but after watching Pete Carroll’s Tackling Video, I am changing the name to Strike Zone Tackling out of sheer respect for his system and the great video he created.  I wish I could say we have been using all the same drills and teaching our kids exactly the same terminology and techniques, but I would be wrong.  However, I can tell you that what we are doing on the practice field and what we are looking for on game day is very, very close.  And we will certainly be stealing many of the drills in his video for our future players. Continue reading Strike Zone Tackling