2010 Lake Elsinore Junior 33 Stack Hi-lites

Thank you to Coach Louis Morones who is starting to coach youth football again.  He has been coaching High School ball since 2011 but has decided to help out the local youth program once again.  He also sent me this video from the 2010 season.  That was the 3rd year for these coaches using the 33 Stack Attack Defense.  The age group is 11-13 yr olds.  This team was undefeated in their last 2 seasons.  Each year they have about 75% new players because this was the Division 2 team.  Basically Division 1 gets their players first and Division 2 gets the rest.  This team outscored their opponents by scoring over 400 points and only giving up about 100 (the vast majority was against the second string once they were up big in the game).  Hope you enjoy their video.

[vsw id=”134353030″ source=”vimeo” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Never Punt & Always Onside Kick

I have an article that I would love for you to read … it is pasted below … but before you look, I would like to give you several things to think about while you are reading it …

1. We tell our kids early on that we don’t punt so they actually gain a certain confidence that coach believes in them so much that he knows on day one that we wont be punting all year long … Continue reading “Never Punt & Always Onside Kick”