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Zero Technique: How to Run Out the Clock

Zero Technique: How to Run Out the Clock.

Play Calling 101

Before I explain the how and why of what we do, I should remind everyone that we run a ‘series based offense’ where the plays in our playbook all work together and most of them look the same for the first few steps of each play … I prefer a ‘series based offense’ because my mind works that way … but at least the first two of the following concepts will work for any type of offense and I happen to believe the third one will work as well … Continue reading Play Calling 101

Mandatory Play Player Nightmare?

Hey Coaches, got problems with Mandatory Play Players/Minimum Play Players or whatever your league calls them?  Hopefully I can give you a little help.

First, here is a little bit about how my league does things.  We are a Pop Warner League; Pop Warner designates the amount of Mandatory Plays that must be given before the 4th quarter of each game.  It depends on the amount of players you have on a team.  Pop Warner designates (at my level) 16-25 players must get 10 plays each, 26-30 players must get 8 plays each and 31-35 players must get 6 plays each.  A “play” must be an active play from the line of scrimmage.  Penalties do not count unless the penalty is declined, extra points and kickoffs don’t count either and neither does spiking the ball or taking a knee. Continue reading Mandatory Play Player Nightmare?

How to Videotape Football Games or Scrimmages

I have had a copy of this article for a long time but totally forgot to post it on the old site and now I can’t even remember who gave it to me.  But watching a lot of film for different coaches this year made me remember it … so I found it and dusted it off and figured I would post it here tonight.

Coaches and team managers have often come across the problem where the person who normally films the game can’t do it.  Too often an injured player, parent, or even a coach is asked to do it at the last minute.  Whatever the case coaches can be frustrated with the quality of the film they are getting because the person behind the camera does not really know the coach’s need.  Coaches, this is another area we need to coach up.  The following is a handout to give your cameraperson to quickly educate them and for them to use as a checklist so you don’t lose valuable pre-game time.  It is highly recommended that you have them tape a scrimmage and then go over with it at some time together.

How to Videotape Football                 Games or Practice Scrimmages

First off.  Thank you for you help in taking on this chore.  It is not an extremely difficult one but there are some specific requirements we need you to be aware of.

The coaches have specific needs for game and practice footage.  We are not looking for NFL films highlights.  We are looking for video we can use to evaluate the entire teams performance. Continue reading How to Videotape Football Games or Scrimmages

How Motion Helps Our Offense

First get a copy of the NFHS rulebook (NFHS Football) and then look up the Section on Motion and other ‘Actions at the Snap’ (Rule 7, Section 2, Article 7).  Make sure you understand the rules regarding what is legal and illegal motion.  You should also learn about who is allowed to go in motion and how it affects the rest of the offensive players.

Once you understand the who and how … it’s time to learn why.  The following is a quick list of reasons that different teams like to use Motion in their offensive scheme: Continue reading How Motion Helps Our Offense