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Simple Multiple Cadence

READY – – – – – – SET – – GO is our snap count.

These 3 words are what kids are using from the time they can stumble around the house and have imaginary races against their parents … Ready, Set, Go …

The words inspire very specific action ideas.  And our cadence is designed to force the defense to get ready when we break the huddle while still keeping things nice and simple for our players to remember.

READY – Once the Center looks over the line, he calls ‘READY’ so we can do any shifting into different looks and still get everyone down and set before the QB takes charge of the offense.  This allows us to go on first sound (SET) at any time, and forces the defense to get set in case we run a play.

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While I usually am content to get into our base alignment and run TOSS until we bludgeon the defense into submission, I do realize that there will be days that we are not as effective as usual.

Sometimes it will be based on our kids not performing well or missing the game altogether due to illness or family emergencies.  Other times the defense will simply have better players or a better coach and they will cause us problems that way. And to further complicate things, each season we will be dealing with a different group of kids that have different skill sets.  All of these factors contribute to our realization that sometimes we need the ability to change our formation or the mechanics of a specific play in order to continue moving the football offensively. Continue reading TAGs

Play Calling From The Sideline

It is so very tough to see everything from the sideline … especially when you run a compressed double tight end formation (like our Simple DW) and all 22 players are lined up within a few feet of each other on the far hash … lol

I have found over the years that I need someone, anyone (mom, dad, older brother or sister) to watch specific areas of the defense for me and report back when they see exactly what I described to them … Continue reading Play Calling From The Sideline

33 Stack vs Double Wing

This is how we attack the Double Wing or Single Wing or any offense that pulls backside linemen and makes a living on the Off Tackle Running Game.

I make no ‘magic bullet’ claims about the 33 being able to shut down the Double Wing.  However, I have been able to use this defense twice against overwhelming talent differences where our highly talented adversaries were running the Double Wing. Continue reading 33 Stack vs Double Wing

Power Hour

Power Hour ends up being a little bit of a misnomer.  We usually only do this drill for about 30 minutes unless we are feeling particularly sadistic that day.

Power Hour Icon

We do want to try and do this drill once a week until at least the middle of the season.  But we don’t want to use this drill until our TOSS play starts looking pretty good.  That should be around week 2 or 3.  Just be sure to use it before Game 1, a couple times if you can. Continue reading Power Hour