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Best Tackling Video Ever

For many years I have tried and failed to write a Tackling Manual like my O-line Manual … for those of you who know me well, you know I am pretty OCD when I write playbooks … if everything isnt exactly right I will scrap the whole thing …
Well, I have started and scrapped my Target Tackling Manual many times … eventually deciding to avoid it altogether … guys who have asked my opinion or my technique on teaching our kids how to tackle have heard me talk about teaching them a ‘target’ (from now on known as the ‘strike zone’) … we talk about hitting through the thighs … hitting with our shoulders and keeping our head to one side or the other …

Now I am in no way taking any credit for what you are about to see … Pete Carroll is an amazing football coach and I must admit there are a few differences and a bunch of drills I never thought of that I will now be incorporating … but I gotta say THIS IS WHAT WE DO and YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT FOR YOUR OWN TEAMS !!!

Choosing A Defense

It’s a lot like picking an offense! Defense is a reactionary game with out a doubt, but there are a lot of options to consider when deciding who you want to be as a defense. Gone are the days of being good pursuers and tacklers, then being able to line up in anything you want. It is true that I believe those are the foundations of good defense but having a coordinated effort on defense is essential to building a winning program. While a lot of this might seem simple, as you read this article I’d like you to take some time to consider if you are coordinating a defense and have a plan to hide or cover your weaknesses, because you do have weaknesses. Let me talk about some of the principles of a coordinated defense. Continue reading Choosing A Defense

In Game Adjustments

In regards to play adjustments, the answer is a little different … if you are lucky enough to have a position coach for different positions on your offense or defense, then it is their job to recognize problems and resolve them during the game … unfortunately it will usually cost you a score on defense and probably a possession on offense … because it is very difficult to see what is wrong until is it GLARING AT US …

Continue reading In Game Adjustments

33 Stack vs Double Wing

This is how we attack the Double Wing or Single Wing or any offense that pulls backside linemen and makes a living on the Off Tackle Running Game.

I make no ‘magic bullet’ claims about the 33 being able to shut down the Double Wing.  However, I have been able to use this defense twice against overwhelming talent differences where our highly talented adversaries were running the Double Wing. Continue reading 33 Stack vs Double Wing

Birddog / Greyhound Drill

In my never-ending pursuit of ways to coach more efficiently, I ran across this drill at a USA Football Clinic in 2007.  Jerry Horowitz was speaking about practice organization and one of his drills that really struck me was something he called the ‘Rabbit Drill’.  Now we had practiced pursuit angles before but never in a high-repetition, fast-paced manner like Coach Horowitz was explaining.  His explanation got me to thinking about how we could use this drill to not only work on taking proper pursuit angles, but also how we could incorporate conditioning into the same drill to kill two birds (rabbits) with one stone.  The result of all this is what we call our Birddog / Greyhound Drill.  We try to do this drill at least once a week near the end of practice as a ‘combo’ drill.  It is a combination of bird-dogging our defensive steps with pursuit angle work and conditioning. Continue reading Birddog / Greyhound Drill