Chalk It, Talk It, Walk It, Rep It

First let me say that on the last page of this article, I have reproduced an article I found in the High School Player Development 2008-2009 Student Planner that is published by the NFL.  I was reading the section that teaches student-athletes about time management, goal setting and better study habits when I found a section titled ‘How Do I Learn?’ on page 14.  The information located there does a great job explaining why we use the Chalk It, Talk It, Walk It, Rep It method of teaching when we introduce new plays or schemes to our team.  So what do we mean by Chalk It, Talk It, Walk It, Rep It?  Well, let me explain.

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Power Hour

Power Hour ends up being a little bit of a misnomer.  We usually only do this drill for about 30 minutes unless we are feeling particularly sadistic that day.

Power Hour Icon

We do want to try and do this drill once a week until at least the middle of the season.  But we don’t want to use this drill until our TOSS play starts looking pretty good.  That should be around week 2 or 3.  Just be sure to use it before Game 1, a couple times if you can. Continue reading “Power Hour”

Birddog / Greyhound Drill

In my never-ending pursuit of ways to coach more efficiently, I ran across this drill at a USA Football Clinic in 2007.  Jerry Horowitz was speaking about practice organization and one of his drills that really struck me was something he called the ‘Rabbit Drill’.  Now we had practiced pursuit angles before but never in a high-repetition, fast-paced manner like Coach Horowitz was explaining.  His explanation got me to thinking about how we could use this drill to not only work on taking proper pursuit angles, but also how we could incorporate conditioning into the same drill to kill two birds (rabbits) with one stone.  The result of all this is what we call our Birddog / Greyhound Drill.  We try to do this drill at least once a week near the end of practice as a ‘combo’ drill.  It is a combination of bird-dogging our defensive steps with pursuit angle work and conditioning. Continue reading “Birddog / Greyhound Drill”