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Sorry to those of you who do not like change or to those of you who really enjoyed the format of our old website.  Unfortunately, it was what I like to call a MacGyver Plane … held together with duct tape and a few coat hangers … it got us off the ground but was destined to crash at the worst time.  To make it worse, I had no idea how to fix things or make appropriate changes to the site.

This time is different and I will be handling the site myself.  As you can see, I have already moved many articles over here and I will be moving the rest of them as soon as possible.  During this process I am using the web address but when I have finished, the domain will bring you here.  I will also be adding all of the articles from the old DirectSnapFootball blog as well.  We thought we lost them when the site shut down but I was able to get copies from Adam and I will be posting them and linking that domain name to this site as soon as possible.

For the foreseeable future we will be sharing our best videos down the right side of our site.

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And if you scroll down past all the videos you will find our ‘tag cloud’ listing all the tags for the blog posts on our site.  Clicking on any of these tags will pull up all the articles that have that particular tag. And of course you can search our archives by date or category by using the drop downs on the left side of our site.

If you scroll down from there you will find our Facebook and Twitter links if you would like to follow us using Social Media.

Our new site will no longer force you to register just to browse.  But we do encourage you to register and log in so you can blog or make comments.  If you don’t want to blog or comment, at least share our articles with your coaching friends through our social media or email sharing buttons.  And if you have an article that you would like us to share with all of the coaches who visit our site, please feel free to email it to me at: … I can easily post it for you and give you credit or let you be anonymous if you prefer. However, if you would rather register and become a blogger for Coach Somebody, then we can make that happen as well.


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STEP THREE – Wait for your email with your password, then come back and log into the site.  You will be able to reset your password to whatever you would like as well as come up with a nickname you would rather have attached to your posts.

STEP FOUR – Send me an email at to let me know that you would like to blog at our site and I will upgrade you from a ‘Subscriber’ to a ‘Contributor’ so you can log in and blog. 

STEP FIVE – Once I inform you that you are ready to go, you can start writing your first blog.  I recommend that you use a simple word processor like Notepad (not WORD because it has too many built in format issues) until your article is finished.  Then you can copy and paste it into a ‘new’ article here so you can use our formatting to keep all the articles on our site looking ‘similar’.  If you would rather work slowly within our site on your article, that can be arranged as well but I would ask that you put NOT READY TO PUBLISH in big bold letters as the first line of your article so that I don’t accidentally publish it.  I will always have control of the ‘final edit’ that gets published but I want you to know I have no interest in making changes to your content.  If there is an obvious misspelled word or if the title needs to be changed because another article has that title, then I might make a change before publishing it.  Otherwise it will go out as you intended. You can even advertise for your own website or your own products and services so long as these ads are placed at the bottom of a meaningful article.  We do not want or need articles whose only content is an ad to go buy something somewhere.  Those type of posts will not be published. 

Thank you so much for visiting Remember, it doesn’t matter if you choose to submit articles or be an active blogger or if you just share our site through social media … the end result is that we can all be … Helping Coaches Helping Kids.

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