Double Wing Coaches Symposium

As of right now we are on hiatus from hosting any more Symposiums.  

We can only apologize to anyone who was planning on attending this coming year.  I can assure you the DWCS has always been one of the hi-lites of our year so no one will miss it more than we will.   

Thank you all for your continued interest in the world’s best Double Wing Clinic and keep checking back here at for updates about our future. 

3 thoughts on “Double Wing Coaches Symposium”

    1. Unfortunately we are not having a Symposium in 2016 as of right now. There is a great group of coaches who are planning to come down to New Orleans to visit and hang out and maybe even talk a little football. We are considering some type of DW Coaches Holiday or a Cruise or something big to be held once every 3 or 4 years but that is going to require a little more planning than we have time for right now.

      1. I understand. Tell you what, if ya’ll decide to get together in New Orleans, please let me know. I’m only an hour and 20 away from there. It’d be nice to pick ya’ll’s brains and learn from ya’ll.

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