Top 5 Reasons To Run DW

I have run the DW for about 15 years now and over the years I have mixed it with Wishbone and Straight T and Wing T for various reasons.  But I always end up coming home to the DTDW.  Here are the top 5 reasons:

1 Power Play – The play that our offense is built around is the most powerful off tackle play in all of football.


2 TEs and 2 Hinge Blockers – TEs are the most versatile players on the field and we get to use 2 of them.  Sweep plays at the youth level work much better with a hinge blocker (wing) and again we get to use 2 of them.

3 Card Monte – Very few people can look at all 3 possible ball carriers at the same time because our Wings are lined up so far apart. Then when all 3 possible ball carriers are crossing behind the QB at almost the same time, it is really very difficult to find the football.

4 Immediate Vertical Receiving Threats – Other power rushing offenses just cant do this because their backs have to get out from behind the offensive line before they can threaten with deep pass patterns.

5 Gaps On Each Side Of The Midline – Equals a total of 10 gaps (and wide runs to the sideline means that last gap is really huge) for the defense to defend.  As a defensive coach this is really stressful because the only way you can truly defend all 10 gaps is to give up solid defense at the 2nd and 3rd levels.

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