Mat Drills

Off-season Workouts.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em we all know that they create better athletes for our programs.  Off-season programs promote camaraderie, build better athletes and give us the opportunity to learn about our players away from our sport.  There are literally thousands of things you can do during the off-season to help your team get better.  This article is about Mat Drills.  Many coaches for outdoor sports forget that you can get a lot of great work done indoors.  Sometimes it is a necessity due to bad weather but you can also use indoor drill time as a break from the ‘same old same old’.

Most of the videos in this article will focus on football programs running football type drills.  But honestly this can be done with any sports team, boys & girls.  You must understand that building a better athlete is the goal.  While some movements may not seem to support the techniques in your sport, they don’t always need to do so.  In fact, it can be very beneficial to your players if you work on these other muscle groups.  If you get better at any movement or drill that requires speed, agility and power, then you are in fact becoming a better athlete.  But to be certain, you can also make a few adjustments to incorporate the skills your players need as well.  For example, the first time I ever saw anyone doing Mat Drills it was a football program out of Texas but I immediately saw the benefits that our wrestlers could get.  We changed a few of the movements like seated rolls and football stance into things like sprawls and wrestling stance and motion … BINGO we had something that helped keep our kids in good position to get better at wrestling but with that same high tempo to build better athletes.

Below are some videos from The University of Georgia and Iowa Western Community College.  These are just a few examples of the many varieties of Mat Drills that you can come up with.  Please get creative … get some film … and post it here …


Enjoy the off-season … but GET BETTER !!!

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