Fence Drill For Off Tackle Power Plays

It really doesn’t matter what offense you run, one of the plays you probably have in your arsenal is the Off Tackle Power Play.  And one of the problems you have running it is that the ball carrier and/or lead blockers want to get too wide or bounce outside because the hole ‘looks’ too congested.  Now most years I will just stand in the backfield during our repetitions with a blocking shield and knock the runner down if he tries to go wider than we want.  But the truth is we do a few other things to get our pulling linemen to stay inside as well as to get the playside linemen to understand how much of a push we need to get when we run Power.

All of these problems are solved with one simple drill.  I don’t know who invented it but I know who introduced me to it (Jeff Cziska) many years ago.  Today it is widely used by Double Wing and Single Wing teams because they live and die with their Power Play and I submit that it can be used by anyone looking to ‘get tight’ and ‘stay tight’ when they run off tackle.  You can remove the WB if you don’t have a wing in your offense (what a silly concept … an offense with no wings … lol) or you can just go with Guard and Tackle and some splits if you are into that sort of thing.  Whatever your preferred formation this drill will ensure that your runners go where they are supposed to go … UP THE FIELD !!!


Thought I would add a sled drill that is similar in concept but works on the blocking for the inside of the point of attack.

[vsw id=”1EEZEMROD3U” source=”youtube” width=”480″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


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