Fake Fumble Wedge Play

For many Double Wing or Single Wing Coaches, one of the staples of their offense is the Mighty Wedge Play.  While it seems to be more popular at the youth level than in High School, I feel safe in saying that it belongs in the playbook of any offense that utilizes zero to six inch splits along their offensive line.  I know we used it to great effect when I was coaching at the HS level a few years ago and it has always been a big part of our offense when I coach youth teams.

Like many other plays, Wedge can be run many different ways. Some of the more common I have seen over the years are:

  • On 1st Sound
  • With XX action
  • With Rocket Sweep action 

Another version of this great play that I have used a few times over the years is the Fake Fumble Wedge.  The basic idea is to have the QB or another RB fake like they fumbled the ball to draw attention from the defense while the actual ball carrier and the offensive linemen are rumbling down the field.

So the other day, I was reading some posts on the Single Wing Facebook Group Page and I came across a post written by Coach Jason Robinson of the Field Falcons from Brimfield Ohio.  Coach Robinson was showing other Single Wing coaches how well his kids are executing what they call the MATRIX WEDGE.

Wedge Matrix

Obviously most of the team is executing a Wedge play but what I really loved was the way his team fakes a fumble and distracts the defense. Coach Robinson explains that they have two of the RBs pretend it was a high snap. They want arms, heads, and bodies flying around just like the movie Matrix. Then one RB pretends to recover the ball while the other covers over him like a shield to keep the defenders from getting the ball.  But instead of keeping the defense from finding or recovering the ball, it actually keeps them from seeing that the ball is not even there.  It is in fact moving down the field behind everyone.  Great idea and as you will see, Coach Robinson’s boys execute this play flawlessly.

First they get lined up in their standard Single Wing formation.

Wedge 1

Then at the snap, the 2 deep RBs both start putting on their Matrix Show while the hidden RB closest to the line actually catches the snap and stays close behind the offensive line.

Wedge 2

So how many defenders can be faked out by the Matrix movements? Now remember I said I have installed and called Fake Fumble plays (including the Wedge) myself many times over the years.  Unlike the Matrix Wedge, we have always just had one player act like the ball was fumbled or poorly snapped or whatever.  And of course the play has worked great for us as I have counted as many as 5 defenders being faked out in the past.  But that pales in comparison to how well the Field Falcons do when they run the Matrix Wedge.

Wedge 3

And of course if 10 defenders are standing around looking at the two great actors laying on the ground, then of course only 1 poor kid is trying to handle 7 or 8 blockers and find the ball to make a play.

Wedge 4

So if you are like me and would like to see the actual video of this Matrix Wedge … then you are going to want to watch around the 2:13 mark … check this out …

[vsw id=”ucxhqnTOMx0&list=UU-CoJGVSyTt5Myc4uFPG_2g” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

So there you have it.  Another way to run the Mighty Wedge Play and while it might be 100% different from the traditional ‘fake fumble’ play, it is certainly effective and I know I will be adding it to my playbook.  Congrats to Coach Robinson and the Field Falcons.

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