Double Wing Belly Counter

What you are about to behold may not be new, revolutionary or earth shattering, but rest assured, it is quite devastating nonetheless (at least your opponents will think so) and oh, is it ever pretty. If Inside Counter is one of the favorite entrees of meaty-style plays that you like to serve as a surprise to your opponents, then I am about to introduce you to  the Kobe beef of Inside Counters.  According to our terminology, we call it Buck Counter, but from here on I will refer to it as Belly Counter (that’s what it is anyway).  If you are an Option team, you may even see it as a Belly Option Inside Counter- to each his own!

I’ll explain it in “Wyatt” terms, and if you are familiar with his terminology, then just picture 47 Inside-CEXACTLY as Coach Wyatt draws it up, but instead of faking Superpower pitch, the QB makes a long riding belly fake (e.g. mesh) to the fullback (who, as you know, is going away from the play filling the gap left by the pulling backside guard and tackle) before handing off to the C-Back.

Here it is- straight from the Griffin kitchen …


As based on SAB or TKO blocking schemes:

Linemen: Play-side linemen SAB; Center Blocks away sealing the gap left by the pulling Guard and Tackle; Backside Tight End (BSTE) shoeshine blocks.

A-Back:  goes Rip motion on ready.  On the snap of the ball, fakes 88 Super Power.

B-Back: lines up 1 step deeper than normal.  On the snap of the ball, aims at the near hip of the pulling Tackle (since the Tackle is pulling, there is no collision); he makes a FAKE going HIGH over the ball and rocks his shoulders into the hole, filling the gap between the Center and BSTE.  Expect to get hit and invite the collision.

C-Back: On the snap of the ball, take a jab step towards the FB’s heels with the inside foot (this puts him on the “Counter” path and gives time to the QB & FB to sell the fake); get low and run downhill at the Play-side Tackle’s outside hip, splitting the QB and FB, and going over the ball and taking the hand-off at full-speed following the pulling BST through the hole.

QB- On the snap of the ball, take first step with the foot closest to the Rip motioning WB (A-Back) to 6 O’clock without seating the ball (3rd handing), but showing it going into the FB’s stomach.  Mesh with the FB (riding the fake from back hip to front hip).  As the FB passes, slide the ball out along his side to his back and hand off to the Countering WB (C-Back), then faking boot behind the A-Back.

Now, I know you’re thinking- that’s nothing new and that you have meatier plays than that, but I ask you to pay fine attention to the detail of the description to follow (cooking tips, because therein lies the true flavor and essence of the meat.

Ok, just as a good chef prepares the prime cut meat with the proper seasonings and ingredients before cooking and serving, you have to make sure you pay strict attention to the details of the play in order to get the most Impact (no pun intended- but buy the books anyway- it’s a great coaching series) out of it.

Cooking Tips:

The longer the fake, the more powerful the play (within reason of course).  The QB has to get the ball in the FB’s belly fast and early, then ride the fake from his own back hip to his front hip!

Seasoning the Meat:

Following the Belly fake, the QB must slide the ball out to the the FB’s back (it literally is put against the FB’s back) and NOT reach to make the handoff to the Countering WB.  Sliding it out and using the FB’s back hides the ball and makes the handoff virtually undetectable. Furthermore, the countering WB (C-Back) must STAY LOW and split right between the QB & FB, taking the ball and following his normal Inside Counter path.  The object is for there to be VERY LITTLE room between the FB & QB (as they are faking) for the Countering WB to pass NON STOP between them.

TIMING IS KEY!  It is by far worth the practice it’ll take to get the fake/ handoff. Probably 15minutes of rep time is needed, if your team already runs 47 inside C. It is so very deceptive that we’ve had the play blown dead plenty of times by the refs who get fooled by the fake as our WB is running down the side.

Well, you know you can’t serve up a nice, well prepared slab of meat without something potent, like a fine Merlot, to wash it down with, so my pig-skin culinary specialist, look at running this choice selection with a Rip-return motion and leading with the A-Back, or run it as throat clogging compliment to a Belly Option Series- talk about something that’ll leave them slack jawed and stuffed beyond their capacity to swallow one more bite.  If that occurs before the final whistle, don’t let them up from the table so easily, but force feed them ‘til the points on your side of scoreboard is larger than Michael Moore’s pants size.

Submitted by Christopher Austin

Los Alamitos Griffins – Pop Warner

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