Coaching Staff Responsibilities

The following is a copy and paste from a post by Jack Gregory over at the DumCoach Coaching Forum (Double Wing Section).  This is a great breakdown of what each coach should be doing, not just during individual or skills drills but also during team drills.

Backfield Coach

Assistant Backfield Coach

Duties:  Work with entire backfield on blocking, faking, ball handling, and executing/understanding each play we run and the series.

OLine Coach
Assistant OLine Coach

Duties:  Work with entire oline on stance, get off, LEG, schemes, and executing/understanding each play we run in the series.

Receiver Coach

Duties:  Work on passing game:  route running, receiver placement, receiver techniques, and catching/passing drills.

Warrior Coach

Duties: Developing a violent, aggressive behavior in any contact.  Responsible in making sure all drills develop into competive drills against fellow team mates.  Make sure match ups are equal so development occurs across the entire team.  Set up ENDURO and other team building drills when on the schedule.  Needs to be a motivator and has fun with the kids but tough as nails.


BACK COACH and OLINE COACH are behind the offense watching the half line execute.
A-BACK COACH and A-OLINE COACH are behind the defense watching the half line execute.
Warrior Coach  is responsible for intensity by both sides and making it competitive.  Swapping out players on defense to get solid matchups or tougher match ups (depending on players).

BACK COACH is calling plays from sideline.  OLINE COACH and A-BACK COACH are behind the OFFENSE watching execution.
RECEIVER COACH is in the secondary watching passing routes and downfield blocking/vertical lane creation.
A-OLINE COACH is on the wall side watching the tunnels form and execution at the point of attack for each play. (POWER/COUNTER/WEDGE/ISO/PASS).
WARRIOR COACH is making sure we keep it intense – moving fast.  Sounding off mistakes and trying to get in the kids heads if he can.

BACK COACH and OLINE COACH are behind the offense calling out plays and checking for execution (watching feet).
A-BACK COCH  is on pull side watching backside and pullers going to the play.
A-OLINE COACH is at the point of attack watching execution at the point of attack.
RECEIVER COACH is behind the secondary watching passing routes, catching technique, downfield blocking/vertical lane creation
WARRIOR COACH making sure defenders are playing at a high level and adding defenders as needed.  Keep the intensity up.

This is how I set up the team.

Once my coaches know what to do I typically take on the role of Warrior Coach … let my Back Coach call plays and I often script things out for him so I can look at specific things.

I have back ups at the key spots and I fill in as I need to.  Now if I am developing coaches this all changes so that I am the OLINE coach at times and the BACK COACH at times so I can develop coaches on the field.

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