33-Stack Installation Schedule

I get this question a lot … and truthfully I have been running this defense for many years and no longer use a true installation schedule … some years I put the defense in for 30 minutes before our first scrimmage … other years I put it in the night before Jamboree … we like to learn on the fly and teach it on the fly … but not everyone is happy with that answer … and I understand why …

So, if I had to follow a schedule and prioritize what calls I was going to install and when … it would look something like this … please notice I am simply accounting for blocks of time … how they fit into your practice schedule is up to you …

Installation Schedule (approximate # of minutes … divide it based on your practice schedule)

:30 – Team – Base Alignment & Assignment
~ 2 Coaches … 1 for the Pressure Group … 1 for the Cover Group
~ Last 5 minutes we try to show a couple of different formations

:30 – Groups
~ Pressure Group – work on Tap-n-Blitz vs. cones then vs. bodies
~ Cover Group – formation recognition … work on getting reads and angles to the ball against the run … really focus on getting your DOGs to attack off the edge against the run

:30 – Groups
~ Pressure Group – work on 42 & 60 & RED … RIP and PRY …
~ Cover Group – formation recognition … zone coverage … reading and defending rollout flood passes

:30 – Groups
~ Pressure Group – SHIFT & Auto-Blitz … I introduce SHIFT 1st so we don’t reteach Auto-blitz
~ Cover Group – formation recognition … zone coverage … reading and defending HB Pass

:30 – Team
~ Birddog Greyhound … formation recognition … 1 Read … Pursuit to the ball
~ GUTS – alignment & assignment

From here we will use much shorter segments through the year and just drill our kids or get together for a few minutes of team to introduce another call or new blitz package …

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