Stalk Blocking

Stalk blocking against press coverage its an easy teach … get your butt to the football and maul the defender.  Since press coverage is rare in our league stalk blocking is a tough teach.  I have tried everything and this seems to work the best.  STALK-BLOCK

Mirror drills till they puke. You can set it up many ways. Two cones 5 yards apart. The receiver lines up in-between the cones and the defender faces him 5 yards away. The receiver has to keep his hands behind his back. The defender tries to get beyond the receiver without letting the receiver touch him. Its not a high speed drill… it’s a dance drill kinda like tag your it. They are not just plowing into one another, the defender is avoiding the receiver but still has to move forward through the cones.

Keeping the hands behind the back forces two things…quick feet and square shoulders. The key to stalk blocking is not attacking your target but rather reacting to your target then attacking. You go where he goes with fast feet and square shoulders. 

After 10 reps we have the receiver use his hands for 10 more reps. Palms up wrists together aim for the chest plate then punch as the defender attacks. It is now critical that the receiver gets his butt to the football. Since he knows the play he quickly reacts first for position and then stalls and waits. It is important that he stalls but does not stop moving then attacks once the defender attacks. The deeper the defender the further inside the receivers first move is if the play is coming his way. If the play is away his fist move is at a hard 45-degree angle up field for the cut off.

Once the progresses to hands we tell the receiver which way the ball is going so he can react. We also tell the defender to vary his depth from 3 to 6 yards.

It is important that the receiver knows if he attacks the defender first it is most likely he will leave himself out of position. It is also important that the backs learn to play off the receivers block once out there. Since its open field its an easy read.

Then we do 10 reps with hands for press coverage. Now the receiver must lose depth to gain depth if the corner is playing a proper inside shade. Just like bucket stepping for zone blocking and everything must happen real quick. This is must easier to teach than teaching the receiver to find hi target in space. Quick feet, good punch and DON’T HOLD IF YOU GET BEAT !!!  Worthless penalty since the defender now has to tackle in space.

Really stress palms up wrists together and punch. Its too easy to hold when stalk blocking. We get called more for that than the o-line.

Watch Hines Ward on Sunday. He is allowed to cut but man can he stalk block. His blocking is what gets him so open…he shows block then streaks. Good stuff off play action….which will translate to the little guys…trust me.

Submitted by Mike Mahoney

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