How Motion Helps Our Offense

First get a copy of the NFHS rulebook (NFHS Football) and then look up the Section on Motion and other ‘Actions at the Snap’ (Rule 7, Section 2, Article 7).  Make sure you understand the rules regarding what is legal and illegal motion.  You should also learn about who is allowed to go in motion and how it affects the rest of the offensive players.

Once you understand the who and how … it’s time to learn why.  The following is a quick list of reasons that different teams like to use Motion in their offensive scheme:

1. To create a personnel advantage by creating mis-matches on our Receivers or Backs.

2. To create a personnel advantage by effecting changes in run support and force responsibilities.

3. To create secondary movement in an effort to better enable our Quarterback to recognize coverage.

4. To get our personnel in better position to execute their given assignment.

5. To create problems for the defense in Man under coverages when attempting to hold or bump Receivers at the line of scrimmage.

6. To create an opportunity for indecision, confusion, and/or mis-alignment by the secondary.

7. To cause movement on the part of the Defense in an effort to realign their personnel with the coverage calls and changes and not allow them to set themselves and react to
familiar offensive patterns.  Make the Defense “play on the move”.

8. To force opponents to spend practice time and effort on adjusting to movement patterns rather than improving defensive skills and schemes.

9. To create a visual complexity to the defense, yet be able to run the same basic plays from a variety of looks.

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