Simple Multiple Cadence

READY – – – – – – SET – – GO is our snap count.

These 3 words are what kids are using from the time they can stumble around the house and have imaginary races against their parents … Ready, Set, Go …

The words inspire very specific action ideas.  And our cadence is designed to force the defense to get ready when we break the huddle while still keeping things nice and simple for our players to remember.

READY – Once the Center looks over the line, he calls ‘READY’ so we can do any shifting into different looks and still get everyone down and set before the QB takes charge of the offense.  This allows us to go on first sound (SET) at any time, and forces the defense to get set in case we run a play.

  • After the Center makes the ‘READY’ call, our QB looks both ways to see that everyone is set & waits 1 second to avoid illegal motion or shift calls before he continues the cadence.
  • All shifting is done on the R of READY and get ‘down & set’ immediately.

SET – Once the offense gets down and ready, the QB takes control of the cadence.  At this point we are ready to run any of our Quick Series plays as they all start on the S of SET.  If we are not running a Quick Series play, we will start our ‘motion’ on the S of SET for our Toss Series plays.

  • All Quick-Series plays start on the S of SET.
  • When we run plays requiring motion, any motion starts on the S of SET.

GO – This is the last thing we say in our cadence and we want our guys to win the race so they are as close to jumping the gun on this word as possible.  We encourage them to start on the GUH or the G of GO.

  • All Toss-Series’ plays feature motion and start on the G of GO.

With most of our teams we don’t even have to call the snap count when we call plays.  They just get used to certain plays being run on certain counts.  This allows us to use different snap counts with no fear of our players jumping offside.  And it basically forces the defenders to get set in their stance and be ready at any moment for the next play to start.  This is tougher on the defenders than knowing what the snap count is and when the ball will be snapped.

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