Should Rookie Coaches Buy Materials?

Should we (rookie coaches) buy material on football coaching?

Yes. Yes and yes.

You can get free stuff from the Internet, free playbooks (I found some very good ones), you can find amazing advice for free in forums just like this one, you can find very good advice in blogs from coaches that have winning programs, I did.

But a playbook is just that. A playbook. How about the install? What about the many many different things that can go wrong? The adjustments that you won’t really understand the first 4-5 times you read it, but that will be gold in a year when you finally digest the basics and are ready to go for more?

These guys (the good ones) have been there. They KNOW their stuff (in ways that we rookies can barely understand — just by reading some of the threads on this forum you should already have figured that one out).

The TIME you will save by reading/watching the best material is PRICELESS. I understand that some coaches with years of experience will nit-pick some of their offense/defense strategies, and that is fine. I have sometimes learned as much in threads “attacking” what I chose to run, because the input comes from other experienced coaches, that would do things I would never have thought about. But in the end, most of the coaches I go against don’t have this kind of know how, so I still have better chances to get ahead.

Also, in the open source world we have a saying. RTFM (stands for Read The Fudging Manual)…

Every time I had something not going the way I was expecting, I reread the part of the book on that topic, and every time, I found that it was all in there, I just had forgotten, or did not understand properly, or whatever. It was in there. In doubt, RTFM.

I have personally bought a book from Dave Cisar, and even if I don’t run his offense or defense, I still refer to it before many practices.

I have bought a DW book from coach Gregory, and haven’t use 50% of it yet. And that is not counting the many PDFs he has about multiple formations, tags, adjustments, etc. Amazing. I want more from where this is comming from.

I have bought 33-stack from coach JJ Lawson, it looks more like a power point presentation. But don’t get fooled by the number of pages, or by his very humble way to answer. The guy knows his stuff, and making things simple, but no simpler than they should be is not only an art, it takes mastery of ones domain LOL.

Coach Cox stuff will fill my reading time for years to come. The number of years of experience that went into his material, you can’t (or should not be able to) buy that. But we can.

There is more material I want to get from some of those coaches, and others.  My birthday/Christmas list of gift is filled with coaching material, and a few good wine bottles ;)

Then of course, there is all the good free stuff you can get from guys like coach Potter, DC (still trying to wrap my little head around some of his rocket science stuff ;-) , all the things that coach Cox put out there (including some amazing Youtube videos).

The advices from the like of coach Potter, coach Mahonz and so many others are priceless.

Get as much as you can, read, reread, and read it again. Then, when you need it, read it again. And once you find that something doesn’t work? Yea, read it again…

We are so lucky to have access to all this, that not using it is, well, not very productive ;)

I guess this is my “thank you guys” post, but I hope that if you are a rookie like me, and are on the fence about investing in coaching because you want the best for your kids, it might make you fall on the good side of the wall.

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