Power Hour

Power Hour ends up being a little bit of a misnomer.  We usually only do this drill for about 30 minutes unless we are feeling particularly sadistic that day.

Power Hour Icon

We do want to try and do this drill once a week until at least the middle of the season.  But we don’t want to use this drill until our TOSS play starts looking pretty good.  That should be around week 2 or 3.  Just be sure to use it before Game 1, a couple times if you can.

What we do is pretty simple.  We start by taking our team to the 4-yard line on our field.  If you can’t use the field, then mark off a space so that the kids can ‘see’ the four yards that we need.  Then we line up a full defense and we make sure that they understand we will only be running our TOSS play.  We can run it right or left but we won’t run any other plays.

Then we explain the rules of the ‘game’.  The offense must get into the end zone or they have to do pushups.  Of course we tell the defense that they must stop the offense or they get to do the pushups.

As soon as the offense scores the first time, we start adding players to the defense.  Every time the offense scores we will add another player to the defense until they have 15 or 16 guys over there.  We will put up to 10 guys on the line of scrimmage and another 6 to 8 at linebacker.

And when we are done and the offense is scoring 4 out of 5 times against 16+ kids, we take the offense and have a little talk with them.  We explain that we will never miss a 2 pt. conversion and we should never gain less than 4 yards on our TOSS play because no defense we face will ever have more than 11 defenders.  And our opponents won’t even know what play is coming like our defense does.

This tends to create an air of invincibility among our players when it comes to our TOSS play and since we are a Double Wing team this is important to us.  However, I also believe that any team should benefit from this type of drill when applied to that team’s #1 play.  Your players should be ultra-confident when it comes to the #1 play.  And when they are, your offense will have its identity.

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